Rich stands near a podium while speaking to a crowd. A large white board reading "Thank you Mr. & Mrs. DeVos" is seen in the background.

Through generous giving, Rich and Helen DeVos supported projects around the world

Rich’s wife, Helen, never could have imagined how many lives would be blessed when she insisted as newlyweds that the couple set aside 10 percent of their income for causes near to their hearts.

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Rich DeVos, former President Gerald R. Ford, and Jay Van Andel cut a large ribbon at ceremony marking the opening of the newly renovated Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.
Rich DeVos was a champion for his hometown and for America

Co-founding Amway in 1959 — around the same time Fidel Castro was establishing a communist regime in Cuba and Nikita Khrushchev was threatening to bury the United States — Rich felt it was his duty to stand up for freedom, free enterprise and the American Way.

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