The enduring legacy of Rich DeVos

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, popular speaker, proud American, unabashed man of faith, husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather: Rich DeVos left an indelible mark on the world in his 92 years. It is the hope of his family that his legacy will continue to inspire new generations.

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Rich stands near a podium while speaking to a crowd. A large white board reading "Thank you Mr. & Mrs. DeVos" is seen in the background.
Through generous giving, Rich and Helen DeVos supported projects around the world

Rich’s wife, Helen, never could have imagined how many lives would be blessed when she insisted as newlyweds that the couple set aside 10 percent of their income for causes near to their hearts.

Jay sits in the cockpit of a Navion plane while Rich stands next to it.
Adventures in entrepreneurship: A story of lifelong friendship
Rich at a function. He is laughing, wearing a tan suit and tie. His right hand is touching his face. His daughter sits next to him, also smiling.
Business success led Rich to his true calling as a ‘life enricher’
A steadfast champion of America, Rich served his community and his country in many ways.
“We had the joy of giving away money,” Rich often said, “from the first days of our marriage.”
Rich was raised in a family where faith was a priority; it would remain the center of his being throughout his life.
Faith guided everything

Get to know Rich

How does a Rich DeVos come to be? How did he become this one-in-a-million man who spread his unique American way of business around the globe, inspired millions with his “can do” philosophy, and touched countless more by sharing his rich blessings?