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Rich DeVos wearing a tuxedo at a microphone.

In memory of Richard M. DeVos

Those leaving tributes vividly recall hearing him deliver one of his famous speeches or treasure his iconic handwritten notes signed “Love ya! Rich.” Or they were so thankful they got to shake his hand, feeling the warmth and sincerity of his greeting as he looked them in the eye. He is described as a cheerleader for the human spirit. An incredible visionary. A giant. A teacher. An ambassador. A true American hero. An ideal entrepreneur. A father figure. A motivator, dreamer and champion. The personification of humility. A philanthropist. The model of servant leadership.

RIP Brother Rich…My daughter, son in law and I are IBOs and it will be our privilege to carry on your legacy! Sincerely-Eric Frizzell
Eric FrizzellMayer
四日市三重県 日本
リッチ ありがとう ご冥福をお祈り致します
Chiyoko Watabehacioji
Спасибо, Вам! Вы в нашем сердце навсегда! С любовью Маx
So thankful for the vision of Mr. Devos and Mr. Vanandel. That vision has made it possible for millions to improve their life style and mindset about ...
Glenda HarrisCharlotte
Köszönöm, hogy létre hozta az AMWAy vállalatot.Örölök, hogy részese lehetek, ahol nagyon fontos a magbízhatóság,az érték, a tisztelet a kitartás a hit...
Kovács KatalinSalgótarján
2 Timothy 4:7 Thank you Rich for everything that you have done for us.. your effort and sincerity had led us where we are now.. you will be missed.. :( For all family, we are thinking of you at this sad time and sending love
SisiliaJawa Timur
あなたを失って私達はとても悲しいです。 お悔やみ申し上げます。そして、私たちに道を創ってくださいましてありがとうございます。 あなたがAmwayを創立しなければこの素晴らしい製品とコミュニティと出会えることは無かったでしょう。 今では沢山のファミリーや仲間とAmwayで繋がることができてとても感...
Naomi TakinoKobe
Dandong SunZhanJiang
您是上天派来的天使~ 今天为您刷屏~ 照亮您回天国之路!
曾国盛广东省佛山市顺德区 gd fs shunde
thank you,感谢有你,启迪我们内心的希望!
I am one of the graduates from the first class of DVULI in 1999. I remember meeting this remarkable man. What sticks out to me is when I told him I wa...
Lawrence BrownBoston